Medik8 Professional Age Defying Platinum Mask 8 x 25g


Offers superior results alongside an incredibly luxurious, sensorial experience. Expect glowing, rejuvenated skin; lines and wrinkles are softened with a visibly even skin tone.

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Mix 70mL of Daily Refresh Balancing Toner to the powder from the sachet. Stir thoroughly with a spatula until a uniform paste has been formed and no lumps appear. Apply all over the face and neck (including over the closed eyelids and lips) using a spatula and leave on the skin for 10 mins until dry. Remove by lifting off the complete mask starting at the jawline.

Haritaki Super Fruit (Terminalia Chebula Fruit Extract) - Ultimate glycation breaker and inhibitor, alongside possessing anti-ageing benefits
Carnosine - An anti-glycation active ingredient which quenches A.G.E.s, helping to stimulate collagen synthesis as well as protecting against infra-red damage
Blend of Lifting Polysaccharides - Creating a physical tightening effect by creating a three-dimensional network on the skin with strong adhesion and cohesion. The result is immediate, and a long-lasting tightening effect as well as a quick and significant smoothing of wrinkles
Platinum - Used to restore electrical balance in the epidermis and fight free radicals, which can contribute to A.G.E.s

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