Frequently Asked Questions about Instant Effects!

What and who is Instant Effects?

Instant Effects is a stylish and scientific skincare brand with effectiveness at it's core. Aiming to deliver products that offer real results within minutes. Formulated with patented and active technologies.

Why should I use Instant Effects?

Instant Effects revolves around their high advanced, patented OX2 Technology. This is clinically formulated to help increase the skins oxygen absorption. The increased levels of oxygen and nutrients are crucial to helping heal fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles. This allows Instant Effects to deliver the results exactly as promised.

Is Instant Effects Vegan?

Yes. All Instant Effects products are cruelty free, vegan friendly and independently clinically tested.

Is Instant Effects suitable for sensitive skin?

Instant Effects products are expertly crafted to ensure they can be used my all skin types including sensitive skin. However, should you have any concern Instant Effects recommended to conduct a patch test before use.

How can I find out the ingredients in a product?

On our website you'll be able t find a full list of ingredients for Instant Effects. Simply underneath the product listing look for the ingredients drop down menu which will reveal all the ingredients as well as highlight any key or active ingredients included.