SkinMate Deluxe UV Steriliser

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Sterilising cabinet which removes germs and bacteria, making it ideal for the beauty salon or spa.

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A useful basic appliance with UV light for the optical sterilization of types kind of instruments,
brush, surgical tools, knives, scissors, dry towels etc.

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Place the clean (all debris removed) tool into the UV Sterilizer Box, and ensure that items do not
overlap or cover each other.
2. Turn on the Power; disinfection time is 60 minutes.
3. After the sterilization is completed, turn off the power and open the UV Sterilizer Box cover to
take out the tool.
Do not open the cabinet when the UV light is on; always turn off the power before opening the

a. This machine should be operated by qualified personnel.
b. Please put the machine in a place that the children cannot reach to avoid the accident.
c. The machine may become hot during operation; allow sterilised items to cool before
removing them: do not touch the shelves inside the cabinet until they have cooled.
d. Do not use the machine in a wet environment or allow it to become wet.
e. Do not move the machine whilst it is working or in the working status.
f. We are not responsible for accidents or malfunctions caused by the wrong installation of the
machine. Such as an incompletely grounded device, not fixing well to the stand

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