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Skin improvement with LED light technology!

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Unlike many other hard, rigid plastic masks, the Silk’n LED Face Mask 100 is made of soft, flexible and natural silicone material – so it is comfortable to wear. And thanks to the 4 straps that you secure behind and on top of your head, you can walk around the house during the treatment. A 10-15-minute session is enough to restore your skin’s radiance and to see improvements in the long term.

The Silk’n LED Face Mask 100 has no fewer than 4 colours of LED light, each of which works at a different wavelength and targets a specific concern. The mask contains 100 lights. Each colour and wavelength tackles a different skin problem to improve and restore the condition of the skin. The wavelength is referred to below in nm, which stands for nanometre. This indicates how deeply the light can penetrate the skin. Red light, for example, penetrates deeper into the skin than blue light, which works mainly on the surface. Set the mask to Automatic Mode for a complete treatment with all colours. Or you can select Manual Mode if you want to focus on one specific colour and treatment.
• Red light, 622nm: reduces fine lines and wrinkles, stimulates collagen and helps to improve blood circulation. Suitable for all skin types.• Blue light, 463nm: targets the bacteria that cause acne and helps normalise oil production for clearer skin and improved skin texture. Suitable for oily skin.• Yellow light, 592nm: reduces redness and soothes and softens the skin. Suitable for dry and sensitive skin.• Purple light, 425nm: anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties to improve the vitality of the skin. Suitable for all skin types.

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