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Why struggle to find all the best available prices for your core products. We have decided to ease your business life because your time is GOLD! We have a great new service for your comfort!!

Here are some frequently asked questions:

What is Price Tracker?

Price Tracker is a new service provided by Aesthetic Beauty Supplies for the benefit of our customers by offering the lowest price on the bestselling items in comparison with the market.

 How does Price Tracker work?

Price Tracker has been set up on some of our best selling lines. We adapt our prices to the be the lowest in the market for the price tracked products so our customers can save time and money when they are purchasing.

 Does Price Tracker run on all the products?

Currently, this service is only running on our most purchased items.

 How can I know which products are included in this service?

The products that have a green label 'Price Tracker' are the ones that we offer the lowest price in the market.

*This service is currently only available on our online shop.


If you have any concern or questions, do not hesitate to contact us on:

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