NeoStrata's Clinically Proven Skincare Is Evolving!

Internationally recognised for their clinically proven formulas. NeoStrata's range of skincare products provide solutions to a variety of skin concerns for all skin types. Since their beginning, NeoStrata have researched and discovered novel ingredients that have advanced the science of dermatology. Recently they have adjusted their focus to ensure they keep connected to their customers, which means constantly evolving and upgrading their brand and products to ensure they are providing the very best skincare available.

Discover the new NeoStrata packaging & ranges

The first change you may have already noticed is the new packaging. Slowing releasing across all your favourite NeoStrata products, including the NeoStrata Foaming Glycolic Wash which has kept the same formula as before, but is now available in a new 125ml size at the same great price! This new packaging reflects the ever-evolving NeoStrata brand and it's updated collection of clinically proven skincare products.

In addition to the new packaging, NeoStrata has decided that the old Targeted Treatment range will now be moved within their respected categories, some of which are included in the brand new Correct range. As well as this, all NeoStrata sun protection products have now been moved to the NeoStrata Defend range, and the old NeoStrata Refine range will know be known as the NeoStrata Clarify range.

You can explore and shop all the new NeoStrata packaging and ranges on our website today!

What is in the new NeoStrata Correct range?

The NeoStrata Correct range is one of the latest new ranges revealed by NeoStrata. These dedicated skincare products are designed to deliver intensive renewal treatments to the skin. The first of this new range is the NeoStrata Correct Renewal Cream which was previously known as the Targeted Treatment Renewal Cream. An intensive night cream that captures the power of two proven anti-ageing ingredients to help improve severe photo-ageing with less irritation and redness than prescription retinoids. Gluconolactone and an effective level of Pro-Retinol work synergistically to deliver clinically proven improvements in skin texture, pore size and evenness of tone.

What is in the new NeoStrata Defend range?

The Neostrata Defend range consists of NeoStrata's most popular sun protection products that were previous spread out across multiple different ranges. A great example is the NeoStrata Defend Sheer Physical Protection which used to be in the Targeted Treatments range. This lightweight, oil-free sunscreen is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. It offers physical broad-spectrum, UVA/UVB protection to help protect against and prevent photo-ageing. Complete with an anti-oxidant PHA/Bionic complex including Green Tea extract and Vitamin E to help preserve the skin's natural collagen and firmness.

NeoStrata Refine range is now NeoStrata Clarify

To help make it clearer for customers to differentiate, the NeoStrata Refine range will now be known as the NeoStrata Clarify range. Whilst the name is changing, the products will remain the same and are still designed for treating acne and blemish prone skin. One of the first products we have received that will be a part of this new range is the NeoStrata Clarify Oily Skin Solution. Specially formulated for acne and oily prone skin, this minimising toner helps clear pores and removes excess oil from the skin on the face and body. It contains 8% Glycolic Acid, an alpha hydroxy acid to exfoliate skin, target clogged pores and excess surface oil. This results in the skin feeling refreshed, smooth and clean. Due to the powerful combination it's highly recommend to apply a sunscreen during the day when using a strong AHA, as this can lower your skin's tolerance to UV radiation and environmental stressors, you can shop our full range of sun protection products online.

What about the rest of NeoStrata skincare?

The NeoStrata Skin Active, Enlighten, Resurface & Restore ranges are all receiving updated packaging, slowly being rolled out across every product. Some ranges will have new additions as the Targeted Treatment products will each be added to each range where necessary. From the image above you can see what each NeoStrata range has been designed for. This change has been made to improve every individual customers shopping experience so they can easily browse the NeoStrata range that suited for their skin.

If you have purchased and used any products from the NeoStrata range, let us know how well they improved your skincare routine! If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at

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