Frequently Asked Questions about CULT51!

What and who is CULT51?

CULT51 is a British skincare brand founded by Richard Mears. CULT51 delivers luxury results-focused skincare, and pledges to only release products that are believed to be better than any available alternatives on the market.

Why should I use CULT51?

Unlike other brands, who only offer one or two anti-ageing benefits spread throughout different products. CULT51 have challenged and push the boundaries for anti-ageing skincare. Their clinically trailed, and proven products are expertly formulated allowing you to use one range to target over 51 anti-ageing disadvantages.

Is CULT51 suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes. CULT51 is specifically formulated to help sensitive skin types, helping reduce skin sensitivity by up to 15%. However, should you have any concerns CULT51 recommends to conduct a patch test before use.

Is CULT51 Cruelty free?

CULT51 is against animal testing, no CULT51 products are tested on animals. The luxury skincare range is Cruelty-Free, but hasn't confirmed to be completely vegan friendly.

How can I find out the ingredients in a product?

On our website you'll be able t find a full list of ingredients for CULT51. Simply underneath the product listing look for the ingredients drop down menu which will reveal all the ingredients as well as highlight any key or active ingredients included.